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All My Best Friends George Burns

All My Best Friends

George Burns

Published February 1st 1991
ISBN : 9780816150175
430 pages
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 About the Book 

You probably need to be in the over-60 crowd to really appreciate this extensive set of anecdotes, a memoir of a show biz legend, all of 93 years old when this was published in 89. It’s not about his famous partner, wife Gracie – that relationship had been previously chronicled. Rather, this is Burns’ longtime recollections of famous friends in the biz – especially Groucho and Harpo Marx, Fanny Brice, Al Jolson, George Jessell, Eddie Cantor, and probably his best friend, Jack Benny. Along the way, he illustrated the evolvement of stage shows from vaudeville to radio to television, each successive medium practically annihilating its predecessor. It was also interesting to see which stars successfully made each transition, or not!We’re not necessarily fond of biographical reading, but recalling many of these personalities and characters from our childhood made the narrative a little more fun than it might otherwise have been. Burns also uses the pages as an excuse to drop many a punch line, most of which were pretty corny, but hey – what does one expect of a nonagenarian !! So -- a reasonably pleasant several hours of reading, plus extensive sets of black and white photos of all the characters under discussion awaits...