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The Mystery of Jan Gants Treasure Robert Turner

The Mystery of Jan Gants Treasure

Robert Turner

Published 1958
184 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Episodes of Gunsmoke airing in the U.K., back in the fifties anyway, were titled Gun Law. This one is from 1958 with Chester Good as Matts deputy.Jan Gant is a man coming home from eight years in prison. Hed served them for killing a man, a bully pushing him toward a gunfight when he reaches for his tobacco pouch, not finished hoorawing the innocent man. Gant pulls his own gun and kills him and gets eight years for it.At Gants trial, hed threatened to kill two witness against him when he got out of prison, but he hadnt really meant it.Now he just wanted to get back with his family. His wife was sickly and his boy was fourteen now.But the night he gets back, one of the witnesses, old Uncle Jeff is murdered and his hidden stash stolen. All evidence points to Gant and the second witness is agitating for a lynching.Its up to Matt to find the truth. He-s not even sure if Gant wasnt the killer, but he must find the truth before its to late.A fine western by the pulp author Robert Turner.