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The Dust of Old Dole Road Dan Oliver

The Dust of Old Dole Road

Dan Oliver

Published June 14th 2011
Kindle Edition
284 pages
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 About the Book 

No one knows when or why it started. Isnt that the way it is with those who abuse others? Something happened. Some event, or word, or gesture, or situation triggers an explosive response of uncontrolled anger and hatred directed toward the target of the abuser. There are probably as many reasons as there are persons who fit the profile. When sober, Dad was in control. Only when under the influence of the alcohol demon did he lose control. So I tend to think that it was the drug that released the violent side of his character. Without the alcohol, Dad was loving and caring, gentle and patient. At least this was how I saw him. In the mid-twentieth century in a small Oregon logging community, Dan Oliver lived with his family in conditions reminiscent of the pioneer days of the 1800s. All modern conveniences were stripped away, and the family learned to make do with what was available. Throughout this struggle of abject poverty, the shadow of binge drinking hung like a storm cloud over the family. When Dans father started drinking, the kids knew to run and hide on the slopes of Timber Butte. Their mother would stay behind, facing domestic violence and verbal abuse. Eventually, the storm would clear, and life would return to normal- every member of the family contributed to the survival, no matter how young or small. Life on Dole Road was full of hardships and suffering- but more than that, Dole Road was full of hope, pride in what someone can do with his own two hands, and faith in a God of mercy. If youre struggling with making your own peace, then let The Dust of Old Dole Road speak to you.