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Drift Sharon Carter Rogers


Sharon Carter Rogers

Published April 13th 2010
ISBN : 9781416566533
368 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I am not angel, nor am I demon. I am not a ghost as some would like to believe. I am a Drifter, something God created in his spare time and then forgot on the fringes of reality.Charlie Murphy, boss of the crime syndicate the Organization, is dead. His sassy, impulsive, bold, daring, and fearless twenty-year-old adopted-by-kidnapping daughter, Baby Doll, stands by his open grave—poised, ready to run. If Maurits, Charlies bodyguard and heir to the Justice position, discovers the role she played in Charlies death, she will pay the ultimate price.A few yards away, a freezing man huddles in a ball on a freshly filled-in grave. He doesnt seem to be mourning. He seems to be helpless. Hopeless. Waiting. Foolish.He is a Drifter, waiting for a new tether—a person who will see him when no one else can. And he will stay with that person for an unknown period of time. For unknown reasons. He drifts through life invisible to all but one. Heaven and hell are unattainable for him. There is pain. Sometimes lots of pain. But there is no death, even when he wishes it would come. This time, he becomes tethered to Baby Doll, who is determined to finish what she started and will do anything to accomplish it.In a world where loyalties and betrayals are both rewarded with death, each pawn in this deadly game must stay one step ahead of the rest, or they will find themselves six feet under—next to Charlie Murphy.